Friday, February 5, 2010

A hate love letter to my belly

Dear Stomach,

We have had the stomach flu twice this season already. I am not pleased. I know we threw up so much in our two pregnancies that we pretty much consider vomiting a standard occur...however you spell that. Nonetheless, we do not enjoy it. Do you remember what happened to your friend Mr. Appendix when he got to be too much trouble? That's right, we had him TAKEN OUT. Don't think we won't do the same thing to you if you persist in being a royal pain in my...well my stomach. Cut it out.

Hatefully yours,


Anyway, in case y'all can't tell from my unhinged post, I'm not feeling so hot. I was up all night last night being ill and well frankly, my entire body feels like I spent 8 hours throwing up (whaaaaat?!). So I'm going to go watch American Gangster, snuggle my dog and try to get some much needed rest. Tomorrow we hope to be doing some lunch at the "Rice Store" (as Stomp calls it) aka Hu-Hot, and then either the Dinosaur Bones Museum (DBM) for their special day of activities or over to Chuck E Cheese for some family skee ball. Sunday my in-laws will be coming up and (sorry to Cody, Maria, Mom and Jerry, you know I love you) best of all, my baby nephew Jason will be here! HOOOORAY!

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