Tuesday, February 16, 2010

I know you better than that, whatcha doin with a girl like that?

Today when I went to pick Nathan up from school, he was holding hands with a sweet little girl named Audrie. Him and Audrie gather around me and Nathan tells me, "Audrie's coming to our house today, cool huh?". I say "no not today, but why don't we go see Audrie's mom* and we'll find a time!" Then Audrie pipes up with "oh no, he can go home with me, he can sit in front of me in the car!". I again say "let's talk to your mama". We find Audrie's mama and I introduce myself (our children are still holding hands) and say "it would be fun and fine with us if Audrie would like to come play this weekend!". So we leave promising to talk about it some more. I suspect we'll be having them over this weekend. I'm very nervous. It's our first play-date besides those with the crazy-out-of-their-gourd-Backhus-family. Do I plan activities? Do I get a medical authorization to serve peanut butter sandwiches? Do I lock up the guns, the crossbow and the grenade launcher? Do I offer Mama a bottle o' whiskey as a welcome to my home present?
(I'm kidding...mostly).

* At Nathan's school, the "bus kids" get dismissed first and then the "car people", so since Audrie was with him, I knew she must be a "car kid" and I could go meet her mama.

"No, there's nothing half so sweet in life as love's young dream."
--Thomas Moore

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