Sunday, February 28, 2010

What is lovely never dies

I think feeling like a gorgeous, feminine woman is crucial to a woman's happiness and her ability to serve her household. My husband is one of those guys who never forgets to tell me how pretty he thinks I am, or how lucky he feels to be my man. I'm very fortunate that way. But there's more to my strut than just what my hubby says. I make it a point to feel feminine, pretty and ladylike. I've been growing my hair out for a long time now. It hangs down my back in thick waves and ends at my waist. I can put it back in a long braid when I need it out of my way, or I can let it hang down with just a barrette tucking pieces away from my face. When we lay in bed at night, my hubby smooths it away from my face and runs his fingers through it. He's been known to wash it or brush it on several occasions. It feels luxurious and decadent. It feels empowering and timeless. For hundreds of years before me, women have coddled and cared for their long hair with a loving hand.

There's a more practical application to all this hair, as well. As a Wife and Mama, it's easy to forget to spend time on yourself. Having hair this long requires me to take some time out and pay some attention to me. It takes a long time to wash, comb, dry, etc. When I take this time out for myself, to pamper my long pretty hair, I'm a better help-meet and a better mother. You hear it all the time, the importance of making sure you get some "me time". Keeping my hair this long assures I can never "cut" (pun intended) time from my day. One simply *has* to care for one's hair, it's a part of basic hygiene.

The modern woman can have her short hair and I'll keep my old fashioned, luxurious tresses.

"If you get simple beauty and nought else,
You get about the best thing God invents"

-- Robert Browning

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