Sunday, May 2, 2010

Pancho needs your prayers, it's true, but save a few for Lefty too

My career as a part time Wal-Mart cashier has taken off and I've been working harder than usual the last few days. I've been doing 6-8 hour shifts at Wal-Mart and then coming home to take care of supper and get enough chores done that the house doesn't totally fall apart. Today I added a nap into that mix. A nap also prevents the house from totally falling apart! So far I'm really enjoying working outside the home. I haven't done that in over 6 years and it feels good to be out with other people, making enough extra money to really be able to do some fun stuff around this ole house. I, of course, miss Nathan and Michael terribly throughout the day so I'm anxious for a day working when they're not home. That'll make it much easier! It sounds silly but I was so excited about my name badge! I'm lame, I know! Anyway, so far it's been tons of training with quizzes and simulated cashiering and things of that nature. So far everyone has a great sense of humor and there's been lots of teasing. I mean I know everyone anyway. I know at least 3 of the cashiers by name and am friendly with them, my pastor works there along with a guy who used to go to my church and my dad and stepmom. It's a family affair. I work pretty good hours and I'm really psyched to get out on the floor and interact with customers. So that's been great, really great.

Before I say *anything* else, I just want to give a ginormous shout out to my BFF Carica. After many moons of studying and working her ptootie off, she has graduated from NM RVT school! She loves working with animals and the hard work involved, especially with horses and the like. I'm so proud of her. I look up to Cari in so many ways. She's so strong and capable and she works so hard and still keeps her sanity and gives all she can to her family and friends. I'm blessed to know her and am grateful every single day for my friendship with this amazing awe-inspiring woman.

Aaaaaaand, with all this extra money coming in, and with this monster sale going on, we're getting a window estimate on May 13th. We're going to get a buy one get one deal and will only wind up paying for 10 of the 20 windows we need. What? Having windows that actually open without having to be wiggled just right? Windows that actually open all the way and aren't in danger of falling? Windows that don't have loose storm windows that shake against the glass and keep you up all night if it's storming? I'M SO CONFUSED. Aaaaand the deck'll get in before summer's REALLY here!

Also on the job front, my beloved Jersey Mama got a new job too! She was hired by a bunch of old hippies. I told her not to tell them her daughter was a right-wing extremist! She'll be doing something she really enjoys and working with patients much more. We're thrilled about this for her and especially glad she's done with 70 hour work weeks! I was so worried about her. Can't wait to see her when she comes out in a few weeks. I miss her and Mark so much.

I really wish they lived here. As an example, Nathan rode his bike to my dad's (next door) the other day and went over today to play croquet. When he wants to see Grandpa, he literally goes out the door and walks a house up the road and they hang out. They do this at least 4 times a week. I feel bad that my Jersey Mama can't experience this. I think it would mean so much to her. We try to include her every way we can, though. Nathan has come to love sharing bedtime story time with her. I put her on speaker and read the story to the two of them and Nathan shares his "insights" and "questions" with her. It's a special time, but I wish she could experience him more in person. My mother-in-law doesn't get to see Nathan as often as my dad does, obviously, but she gets to spend a lot of time with him, that's for sure. They have grandma weekends and she gets to come up for fun things like his Kindergarten graduation and his birthday parties in addition to camping trips and things like that.

Anyway, that's what's up on Ho Hum Drive. Things are busy and a bit crazed but oh so good. I'm spending a quiet evening watching Gangland (focused on a gang in Albuquerque...reason number 3792 I'm glad I moved from NM) and drinking cherry Coke and watching for a storm to come in.

Finally, one last installment of overheard on Ho Hum Drive:
Nathan and I play this silly game where I try to chew his hands. I make really loud and obnoxious "om nom nom nom" sounds. When he wants me to do it, he goes "do it again Mama!". I usually stare off into space to drag out the suspense (is suspense even the right word to use when you're talkin bout being silly?!). So anyway, he felt I was taking too long the other day and hollers at me, "MAMA! FOCUS!" I about fell off the couch laughing :)

God bless y'all this week.

"Every day do something that will inch you closer to a better tomorrow"

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  1. :) Happy post is happy!! ♥♥♥ you Holtry's!!


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