Wednesday, June 9, 2010

Nothin' sweeter than summertime....

Hi my darlins, I have missed you terribly. Alas my computer appears to have gone, quite rudely I might add, KA-THUNK. So, a brief update and a rant about the awesome-ness of summertime and then I'm out until the new hard drive comes in!

1. We had a blast last weekend with the neighbors, who I still haven't decided on a nickname for. They didn't freak out when I told them our plans for a just-in-case-a-revolution-strikes-bunker, so I'm leaning toward Bunker Buddies. But something about that sounds vaguely immoral and well...kinky. Anyway, we went over there last Friday and our kids played great together (their boy is the very picture of a polite, sweet, loving kid) and we drank cheap beer and listened to country music and flapped our jaws. All my insecurities aside, I think a fun time was had by all. There's talk, lots and lots of talk, of a repeat performance. Maybe with less beer for me. I'm too old errrrr not used to that anymore.

2. Went and saw Robin Hood today with my dad. It was a terribly fun movie and ermph, can I just say this? Russell Crowe with the short haircut and the gruffy beard and the hairy chest?!?! Be still my beatin burnin loins.

3. Took Nathan to the lake after our movie. We had a blast splashing and reading and building sand castles. I absolutely adore living close enough to the lake to go for regular day trips.

4. Working the next 6 days in a row as I took over a shift for a friend at work. I'm tired just thinking about it....Buuuut, a week from Sat my parents will be here!!!! HOOORAY!!!!

Love to all. Be back soon I hope :)

...Put my ass in a lawn chair
And toes in the clay
Not a worry in the world a PBR on the way
Life is good today. Life is good today

--"Toes" Zac Brown Band

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