Friday, December 17, 2010

I've been watchin you, dad, ain't that cool?

Sometimes I just can't stop laughin at Stomp. We've had some totally insane inane moments around here lately and, as usual, Nathan's at the heart of most of it.

Last night was the first grade Christmas program. Yes, I said Christmas program. Political correct-ness has kept is b.s. out of my little town, something for which I'm over-the-top grateful. The kids were very cute and they did a great job singing and dancing and most of them were smiling. Except for Nathan of course. He had his arms crossed tightly acrossed his chest and he kept making this very strange face. Now see, I know what happened at rehearsal. I know down deep in my Mama soul that Nathan was using his hands to make Transformer claws. I just know it. And to that end, I know that the saint music teacher told him to cross his arms acrossed his chest so he could resist the urge to be Devastator in the middle of his Jingle Bells dance number.

Nathan is very excited about this baby business. He told his haircut lady at the "haircut store" yesterday, "My baby's birthday is in July". And ohhhhh how he gets it. Reece commented a week or so ago, "Erica you sure take a lot of naps". The Viking said, "Of course she does, it's hard work growing that baby". Nathan pipes in this perfectly adorable sing-song voice "not for yooooou Daaaad!" I laughed until my stomach hurt. Then Nathan followed it up with, "I mean seriously".

Anyway, with all this nonsense going on and of course the all the time never ending ridiculous morning sickness, I'm afraid I'm behind (a lot) on Christmas stuff. I hope all your stuff arrives on time but I'm not guaranteeing nothin. And Christmas cards are a thing for past years when I wasn't throwing up approximately 78 times a day. Right now I'll settle for everyone gettin their gifts on time(ish) and for finding time to upload the video of Devastator Nathan from his program. Send the form of elves...and cocktails soothing tea...

We like fixin things and holdin Mama's hand, we'll be just alike hey won't we dad?"
-"Watchin you" --Rodney Atkins

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