Thursday, January 13, 2011


A lengthy, tryin to get caught up, version of Overheard on Ho Hum Drive.

Me: "What's the greatest gift you've ever been given" (reading from our kid's bible study book)
Nathan: "Uhmmm my toys...and the baby in your tummy"
Nathan: "I'm sure glad you taught me to pray to Jesus when I'm sad. Do you think you can come to my school and tell my class about praying to Jesus?"

(The funniest part of this was the combined reaction of my Jersey Mama and my friend Billy: "It's going to be so cool to see you on Hannity when the ACLU sues you!"
Nathan: "I want to do this magic trick, this one here Mama"
Me: "Maybe you could pick a magic trick that doesn't involve a dozen eggs"
Nathan: "I want to pull a rabbit out of a hat but I don't have a hat so I'm pretending this boot is my hat." (sticks face in boot and immediately starts coughing)
Me: "You're sticking your face in your boot and the smell is making you cough. That is not a rabbit"
Me: "I'm so blogging that"
Viking Mike: "Maybe you should blog about updog"
Me: "What the hell is updog?"
Viking Mike: "Not much dog, what's up with you"

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  1. Oh my goodness! I love Mike (and Stomp, how cute can that kid get, seriously??)

    omg omg omg my captcha was "Dogal"


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