Sunday, February 13, 2011

Heard somewhere that you moved on

Today was one of those days. It was simply lovely weather, for one. Right around 62 or so. I wore capris, left my feet bare and threw open the windows in a fit of joy. I spent time baking, for another. This morning, in preparation for tonight's Trailerhood Gathering, I made French Silk Pie from scratch. It was beyond heavenly.

Then, of course, tonight we got together with the rest of the Trailerhood** for supper and laughter and good ole hick fun. We ate great, as we always do, and the kids had fun playing. I'm so thankful for good friends who make every gathering feel like something so special.

So the highlight of the evening was when Nathan farted and cleared the room of all the kids. He got extremely upset. I got him calmed down and he came into the living room with the adults who all told him how awesome it was that his farts can clear a room. These are the same people who called me a redneck last week...Hey pot? It's kettle, you're black!

Anyway, tomorrow is Valentine's Day and I hope you all find someone to love up on. I know we're planning on a silly day of movies and Hershey's kisses and "puppy" valentine cards!

**The Trailerhood refers to our gathering of friends. There's 4 families and we try to get together once a week for dinner. It winds up being around 14 people or so and it's always such a wild and hick-crazy time!

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