Tuesday, February 1, 2011

I hear voices...

I seem to be spending a lot of time behind on most everything these days. Things I am not currently behind on (but will probably be by the end of the week): homework, housework, snuggles, cooking and sleeping.

Really, just a few things to update y'all on.

1. Come check out the Jammin for Josef benefit show in Beatrice on 2/26/11. The Viking's band will be playing, as will several others that wish to let Josef's family know that we, as a community, support them. Send me a message for more details.

2. Snow, snow, snow, snow. It's everywhere. And it's cold. Today it's 1 degree with a wind chill of -25 or so. I can't drink enough tea or snuggle Nathan enough to stay warm.

3. Routine checkup tomorrow with Dr. Wonderful. I'm 17 weeks today and all is well with the Turkey and the Mama. We should hear the baby's heartbeat (yay!) and schedule an ultrasound to maybe find out what particular breed of Turkey this is!

4. Arrangements are being made for Nathan's very first country concert. We'll be attending the Sugarland show in Omaha in August. I'm very excited and am thinking maybe I should try to get together some extra money to buy the V.I.P. package. It might not mean much to him now but as he gets older he'll always have the memory of having met Sugarland. So we'll see.

5. Hoping to get some time in this week to bake and sew. We'll see. I'm working so hard at not getting behind on the essential tasks that I haven't had time for fun things like making bread, sewing nightgowns and piecing quilts. Indulging some of my favorite and, yes I know, old fashioned hobbies keeps the relaxation and stress to a minimum. There just doesn't seem to be a lot of time these days.

"I hear voices
I hear voices like
My dad sayin' work that job
But don't work your life away
Mama tellin' me to drop some cash
In the offering plate on Sunday
And granddad sayin' you can have a few
But don't ever cross that line
Yeah I hear voices all the time"

-"Voices" -- Chris Young

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