Monday, May 23, 2011

Sunshine on my shoulders makes me happy

Summer's starting to rear its head here on Ho-Hum Drive. Oh sure, we're still having spring storms and we're due for a couple of "colder" days next week, but in our little house, summertime has ... sprung? swum? If spring is "sprung" what exactly does summer do?

Anywho, we've been eating watermelon, drinking lemonade, frolicking in the sprinklers (my personal favorite) and eating popsicles by the fistful. I've taken to wearing tank tops, tube tops and cut off shorts. I care very little that I'm 8 months pregnant and probably shouldn't be showing so much skin. It is hot and Mama needs to be comfortable! This is really my favorite part of summer, the part where it's still cool enough to leave the windows open and feel the humid heat on your skin while a fan lazily turns and cools you. The part where it's not so freakin hot you can only sit inside in the ac drinking ice cold beer sweet tea, when the heat hasn't brought out the mosquitoes, when the nights still cool down from the day's heat.

Summertime in Nebraska is very different from summertime in New Mexico. There is no green grass to run on when you want a turn in the sprinklers in NM, there isn't the humidity that will cool you just a bit if the right breeze kicks up, there is no lake a mere 15 minutes up the road and you would never dare leave your windows open all night long.

It won't be too long now and we'll have the kiddie pool permanently set up, and the slip and slide runnin down the hill and the lawn chairs and the coolers for beer and pop will be set up in the yard. We'll be spending long, hot nights sitting in the yard watching the kids play and having a turn or two in the pool ourselves. I've written before about how I sort of just love all the seasons and am always ready for the next one when it's about time for it to arrive. I'm sure by August I'll be miserable from the heat, but for right now? Right now I'm just enjoying the feel of sunshine on my shoulders, the tang of lemonade on my tongue and the sweet feeling of unabashed lazy that comes from early summertime!

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