Wednesday, July 13, 2011

"The mother's heart is the child's schoolroom."

Today was The Viking's first day back to work since we had the baby. He got off Friday the 1st and immediately started cracking jokes about how now that he was off work I could have the baby anytime. Then I went into labor just after midnight on the 2nd. I blame him for me going into labor.

Anyway, he's been off since then. While we were all bummed to see him go back to work, I was downright excited to see how our daily routine would go without him here. I had visions of finally getting a handle on the dishes and laundry that have piled up while I've been recovering, of trips to the library, of finally fixing my boys a supper that wasn't a sandwich. It turns out our daily routine isn't much of a routine yet. We got up and everyone ate (in total honesty, I would've forgotten to eat if Nathan hadn't reminded me) and then we (drum roll please) did nothing. We snuggled. Stomp and I inspected Joshua's toes to try and figure out why they're just do darned cute. Then we stroked his head and talked about how soft his hair is. Then we marveled at how he could sleep through all this. Then Nathan watched tv and I made a phone call or two. Then we all had a nap and some more snuggles. I didn't cook supper, I didn't do housework (except making my bed). In short I didn't fullfill any of my housewife duties...

...And that's okay. The whole reason I stay home is so my kids (and to a lesser extent, my home) can be tended for and cared for by me, Mama, The Boss Applesauce, SuperMom. Today I may not win any awards for the cleanest house or the most natural, nutritious meal (thank you Pizza Hut), but you know what I could win an award for? Mothering. The simple acts of being with my kids, talking to them, loving on them, snuggling them and teaching them about the simple joys in life.

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