Thursday, September 29, 2011

I like you a lot, you're funny and kind.

My PenguinPants is running a Thankfullness challenge where we thank someone each week for being Awesome. I naturally forgot week one so I'm going to do two people this week. That's cool right?

First of all, I want to thank my Penguin, Chrissi. Her and I got to know each other on Livejournal about a million years ago, through another friend. Though we've never been in each other's physical presence, I count her among my very best friends. Knowing her makes me a better person. She is passionate, kind, giving, selfless and simply amazing. As we struggled with infertility, she constantly sent me encouraging notes and little trinkets to lift my spirits. When I felt like I simply.could.not.go.on. she pushed me forward. When we conceived Grunt, she cheered and celebrated and rejoiced and immediately got busy getting me information I would need to make this time around a success, when it came to breastfeeding. When I felt like I had hit a complete wall with breastfeeding, she encouraged me to keep it up and reminded me how important it was to me. When I had to give it up because I just couldn't anymore, she never once judged me and instead reminded me that I had tried so hard. Why do I call her my PenguinPants? Well see there's this little book called "My Personal Penguin" and when we first met, Chrissi called me her Personal Penguin. It's been a fitting description of our friendship.

Secondly, I want to thank my girlfriend Taryn. Taryn is the embodiment of perfect girlfriend-ship. Except for the pesky fact that she lives in Texas. But Texas is lucky to have her, as am I. Whenever I need her, she's there. I tell her things I tell no one else. She makes me laugh like nobody's business. She is funny, smart, generous, kind and fiercely loyal. She is a constant stream of support, giggles and general merriment. We've developed our own language thanks to a funny website and randomly text each other throughout the day with encouragement or silly jokes. She's an amazing mama and an inspiration.

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