Friday, October 7, 2011

Seriously, she's kidding

This week's Thankful Challenge is all about The Funneh. I like to a lot. All the time. Especially when I'm stressed. So this week, I want to thank Ellen Degeneres. I realize the point of the Thankful Challenge is to thank people in your life who've made a difference, and I plan to do plenty of that. But lately I've been..well a little off-kilter. Call it insanity or being very bitey hormones, but I've just been a little moody lately. So every afternoon when I'm going about my busy work, I pop Ellen on and I get the giggles. I love her silly side and her witty side and even her prankster side. Just as importantly, she takes the time to really honor people who are putting good out there into the world. And I know this sounds a little bleeding heart liberal hippie of me, but I think the world needs more good in it. So Ms. Ellen, thank you for the giggles and for rewarding and honoring those who are puttin good mojo out there!

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  1. It's got to be the change of season. I've been completely nutty lately! Good stuff as usual.


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