Sunday, December 18, 2011

No Scrooges here

Nathan has had Christmas money coming in left and right. We usually split it and let him get a couple of things (that we know no one else is getting him) before Christmas and spend the rest after. So I took him last weekend to spend some of his Christmas money. When we pulled up, our town's cop car was out there. Nathan asked what they were doing. I explained that they were doing "Stuff the Cruiser" which is our town's Toys For Tots program. I explained, again, that some children don't get to have much of a Christmas. Not only do some kids not get toys, some don't have clothes or a great meal to eat. We'd had this discussion before and it always weighs very heavily on Nathan and really upsets and distresses him. I reminded him that last year we got a gift card off the giving tree and did he remember what he'd picked out, etc. As we are walking into Wal-Mart he says to me, "Mama, I still want to get myself something, but is it okay if I spend some of my Christmas money to get a toy for the little boys and girls?" Well I tell you what, I'm not sure I've ever been prouder as a Mama (or that I've ever wept harder in public). This is my "career" so to speak and I don't get a performance review. This glimpse into Nathan's generous heart and his sweet character is the closest I will come to an evaluation of my skills as a parent. And, if I do say so myself, I am doing a darned good job.

Thank you, Stomp, for being so sweet and caring and for being so giving of yourself. You are every Mama's dream and I will always be thankful for getting to raise you.

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  1. You are doing a great job and I totally relate to your comment about your "career." I feel the same way. God bless Stomp!


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