Wednesday, January 18, 2012

Love you, bye

When The Viking and I hang up the phone with each other, we always say "I love you, bye". I also do it with family and friends I'm especially close to. Therefore, it boggles our little collective mind (we do share a brain, after all) when people on tv shows don't do it, especially married people. It's pretty much universal. In fact, I can't bring a tv show to mind where spouses do regularly say "I love you" before they hang up the phone. For the most part, they simply hang up.

Right now, the most glaring example of this is 24. The Viking and I are going back through the seasons watching them in order. It's amazing to me how much danger Jack Bauer is in every single day and he still doesn't tell his wife "I love you, bye!" when they hang up the phone! I mean this is Jack Bauer, international terrorist killer, hunter of bad guys, all-around bad-a**. He literally never knows if he's going to see his wife again (though none of us truly do). It's become something of a running joke between me and The Viking. If we happen to notice someone not doing it, we'll yell "LOVE YOU BYE!" at the tv. Sometimes we do it when Jack Bauer's on the phone with Tony, instead of his wife. This makes it even funnier. In our twisted little brain. Clearly we need help.

Do y'all say "I love you" when you hang up the phone? Are we weird? Of course we're weird, but are we weird for this particular "quirk"? Don't y'all just love 24? Who's your favorite 24 character? Should I have blogged on 5 hours of sleep and pain medication? Is that enough questions?

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  1. we say love you about five hundred times a day if you count text messages too. I love that you're weird, by the way



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