Thursday, January 3, 2013

Give the world the best you have

A quick, really quick, glance back at 2012. Then a long look forward to 2013.

In 2012 I saw the violent and traumatic end of 2 friendships and my 10 year long marriage. I fell head over heels in love. I learned that I'm stronger than I ever gave myself credit for. I learned that I can do anything. I learned that people will take advantage of your kindness at every turn and that it's important to be more discerning with who you give your kindness and generosity to (but not to stop giving and being kind). I learned betrayal is everywhere. I learned my boys and I are the most amazing little family. I learned that we love, laugh and give of ourselves and that those are all good things. I learned my Mama and my Mark and some very close friends (y'all know who you are) are all I really need to pull me through. I learned that love doesn't have to involve heartache and fear. I learned, at last, what those romance writers have been talking about. I learned what it means to have the world stand still, to have shivers whenever someone touches you and to feel breathless, speechless and like your heart is going to beat out of your chest when you simply look at someone.

In 2013, I vow to be kinder to everyone including and especially myself. I vow to give myself a break every now and then. I'm going to go back to school and continue work on my book. I'm going to cradle and treasure the gift of writing as I was blessed with it. I'm going to make tacos for dinner every single time Stomp wants to eat them. I'm going to continue to love all the new words Joshua has (just a few, "love you, bah bah", "there you go", "juice", "diaper", "Nathan", "tank you", "welcome", "pease", "one more bite?"). I'm going to work to teach him even more body parts (besides eyes, ears and nose). I'm going to love playing with him more than I already do and look forward to us thawing out so we can take daily trips to the playground and start walking to the school to pick up Bubba. I'm going to work on multiplication with Nathan and try to get him into the Superfudge books. I'm going to start reading him The Fellowship Of The Ring. I'm going to make time to work out (because I like it and miss it) and especially to get some yoga in before bed. I'm going to make more of an effort to be social and to not hide in my house so much. I'm going to do a bible study with my sister-friend Chelise.

In 2013, I'm going to be happy to be 100% myself and I'm going to be thankful for, every single day, this little family God gave me to head up. Amen. 10-4 good buddy.

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  1. I like your plans! And please don't forget the one about being kinder to yourself. That's a biggie.


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