Saturday, September 5, 2009

It's not what you take when you leave this world behind you...

"It's what you leave behind you when you go"

Two nights ago, Randy Travis played the Nebraska State Fair. I went with my stepmom to see a man whose music I've loved and admired literally my entire life. I can remember being just a young whippersnapper and my mom and my Nany (the woman who raised me) and Donna (my Nany's daughter) would listen to "I told you so" and "Forever and ever, Amen". I knew all the words from the time I was born it seems like. Randy did all my favorites. "Diggin up bones" "I told you so" "Heroes and friends" "He walked on water" "Peace in the valley" "3 wooden crosses" and of course "Forever and ever Amen" and "On the other hand". He closed with the big three, "3 Wooden Crosses", "I told you so" and "Forever and ever Amen". I'm not going to lie, I got downright weepy. It was so amazing to see someone I've admired so long. I was thrilled to hear him sing several gospel songs and was tickled to see him out there in his black sparkly blazer over a white western shirt. It was the concert of a life-time and I'm thrilled that this year I got to mark him and Kenny Chesney off my Bucket List (of artists to see before I die). God bless you, Randy Travis!

Tomorrow night I'll be seeing Montgomery Gentry at the state fair. I'm excited of course, but I doubt anything will beat seeing Randy Travis and getting to see Leeann Womack with my mother in law (more on that, including pics, at a later date!).

"Your heroes will help you find good in yourself
Your friends won't forsake you for somebody else.
They'll both stand beside you through thick and through thin
And that's how it goes with heroes and friends"

- "Heroes and Friends" Randy Travis

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