Wednesday, February 3, 2010

100 Days of disaster ... Er, school, I meant school! DON'T JUDGE ME

Today was Nathan's 100th day of school. We have known about this and been planning for it for weeks. Some of the things the kids have been planning includes a food collection for the pantry, making a 100th day of school tshirt and having a collection of 100 things on hand to count. We worked exceptionally hard on the 100 days of school tshirt. We thought and thought and collected some things and spent a lot of time on it. When all was said and done, we had 10 groups of 10 things. We had 10 zigzags, circles, triangles, stars, numbers (all of these were drawn on), penguins (stickers), cars (stickers), buttons, squiggly worms, and pennies. It was a work of art. It was, simply, awesome and so much fun to put together. So this morning, on the 100th day of school, Stomp* spills his milk all over the breakfast and, of course as our luck would have it, the tshirt. Of course, he burst into tears about the destruction of his 100th day of school shirt. We had about 25 minutes to go before school so I thought I'd just wash off the milk and then try to blow dry it. No problem, right? Super Mama TO THE RESCUE! (Why do I picture myself flying off and then promptly plummeting to the ground?) Anyway, I get it rinsed off and start in with the blow dryer. This of course doesn't work. No, that would be too simple. So I scrap that idea and decide, what the hey, I'll throw it in the dryer. I figure I should have time to get the shirt (mostly) dry and re-glue whatever fell off. Easy-peasy right? Well sure, except that the shirt didn't really dry and re-glueing is a bit of a challenge when the fabric's wet. GONE are the squiggly worms, which oh by the way were Stomp's favorite part, and gone are most of the pennies. No biggie, there's enough dry room to get the pennies back on and maybe, just maybe, a washer or something else a little heavier than the squiggly worms will work. I make Nathan put a different long-sleeved shirt on and I frantically attach pennies and washers with Krazy Glue. They are, naturally, falling off the shirt but whatever, right? Let's just get out the door with Nathan at least thinking there are 100 things on there and no crying. Finally, at last Michael and Nathan get out the door. They were carrying the shirt because we didn't want to get glue all over his new coat. When I showed up at 3:17 on the dot to pick him up, I chatted with some of the other parents about the 100 days tshirt. They were all tickled and incredibly amused by my spilled-milk-turned-utter-disaster tale. But, victory is mine, sort of. When Nathan came out most of his 100 things were still attached. Sure he'd lost half the pennies, and almost all the washers, but he was mostly put together. And best of all, he was beaming about his awesome day at school. Mission accomplished.

*Stomp, of course, refers to Nathan. My dearest PenguinPants calls Nathan this because he's...well he's kinda Stomp-ey and you can surely hear him throughout this whole house!

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