Saturday, February 20, 2010

The Good Life

I took Nathan into Lincoln today. We met Daddy at Golden Corral for some lunch/supper and then headed over to Sam's for some goodies. I enjoy both of these things immensely but what I *really* love is driving around in this state. The drive's always so peaceful, just me and Nathan riding around in our pickup truck listening to country music. Nothing but fields (covered in snow at this time of year) as far as the eye can see. The only things breaking up the landscape are water towers, barns and the occasional herd of cattle. The creeks wind around and the road lumbers lazily through the prairie. I'm very ready for spring when there will be green fields, blooming trees and flowers all over the shoulder of the highways. I love Nebraska. I knew before I'd ever been here that I'd love it. I just had this feeling...this idea in my head that this would be the place that I'd always imagined living. Once I got out here for a vacation, I saw that I was right and living here became my goal, the thing I looked forward to the most. I know a lot of people really love New Mexico and think the desert is beautiful. I am not one of those people and while I occasionally miss the mountains, I am 100% certain I was meant to live in Nebraska. I love the wide open spaces, the friendly people, the corn fields, the lakes around every corner and the God-blessed blue skies that stretch on forever. I am convinced that our moving to Nebraska was a blessing from the Lord Himself. Too many things "clicked into place" as we moved out here for it to be coincidence. This is my home and while I'd love to visit Kentucky, Tennessee and Alaska, I hope I never live anywhere but here.

"Nebraska must be the most unexciting of all the states. "
-- Bill Bryson

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