Thursday, March 18, 2010

He was born with a gift of laughter.

I would say that I'm the worst.mama.ever. for not posting Nathan's "Happy Birthday" blog entry yet, but the truth is that I've been spending an awful lot of time with Nathan, and for that I shall not apologize! So anyway, here it is.

Nathan was born via c-section 6 (*gasp*) years ago in Albuquerque, NM. We had planned to have him and after trying for 6 long months (which is nothing compared to what we're used to now), we conceived him. To say we were excited would be about the world's biggest understatement. We spent 7 months throwing up (and by "we", I mean "me" time hubby said he thought he might have "sympathy morning sickness"...the ensuing carnage stopped him from complaining about feeling nauseous for a very very long time), and a full on 8 months thinking he was a girl. Oh yes, that's right, the ultrasound techs were wrong for the first ohhh 12 or so ultrasounds (I had gestational diabetes). We called poor Nathan "Katie" for a really long time while he was in utero. I worried that he was spending so much time hiding his wee-wee in utero that he'd be anti-modest when he got bigger. Sure enough, he has on at least one occasion dropped trou in church to go to the bathroom (*facepalm*). He was and is the most amazing blessing. Through him I have realized my true talent and calling as a Mama. I have learned things I never thought I'd know (you *can*, for instance, get legos stuck in your nose, if you're 5 years old, and you can perfectly fit a 2 year old index finger up the nose of your 25 year old mama), said things I never thought I'd say ("Nathan Michael Holtry do NOT shoot the dog on the stairs!") and laughed more than I ever thought possible. When he was born, we all kept saying how much he looked just like Michael. Now that he's growing up and his personality is forming, well I'm pleased to say I see a lot of myself in him. He has, through the natural course of spending hours a day with me every single day for the last 6 years, developed a lot of my mannerisms, many of my sayings and pretty much all my facial expressions. I have had dates for almost all the children's movies I wanted to see, learned a thing or two about dinosaurs and an awful lot about cleaning.

I treasure my son because he is the best of me and Mike. I'm thankful that he's kind, affectionate, polite, loving, giggly, snuggly, smart, funny, brave and helpful. I'm proud that he's learned to read, takes care of his dog, protects his friends and loves without a care in the world. Being the mama to a little boy takes a special breed and is an adventure in mud, mess, mischief and mayhem. It is the greatest joy I've ever known and I've been known to say I don't know if I'd ever manage to raise a proper little girl. I would be perfectly content for my lot in life to be to raise a dozen or so boys, with all that entails!

Nathan Michael, thank you for making me know myself and my calling. Thank you Lord, for giving me Nathan to "learn" on. He's forgiving of all the mistakes I make, patient with my errors and sweeter than molasses.

"If I have a monument in this world, it is my son."
--Maya Angelou

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