Monday, April 19, 2010

If ya drink don't drive, do the watermelon crawl!

Hope everyone is loving this weather as much as the Holtry's are! We've got plans this weekend for a big ole bbq with friends and family. Burgers, brats, watermelon, tractor rides, craziness and utter silliness. If you're in the "hood", drop on by!

We've been out walking all the time and enjoying the (mostly) bug-free-edness of walking down by the creek. I saw some skeeters last night when we were out walking but I'm refusing to acknowledge them until I absolutely have to break out the bug spray. Also the addition of 2 1 hour walks has got me losing about a lb a day. So that's nice.

Fighting a touch of a migraine today. Thinking about gettin the boy and goin to bed in a dark room for a bit. But I took some Excedrin so hopefully I'll be feeling a touch more human here in a bit.

Before I skedaddle off, another installment of Overheard on Ho Hum Drive:

Me - I sure love Kirstie Alley. She is completely crazy. She has lemurs.
Viking Mike - Is that a disease?
Me - laughter...and then some more laughter...and then enough laughter that my belly is starting to hurt and my eyes are watering. No! Lemurs, they're like monkeys...
VM - I know what lemurs are. It could be a disease like crabs though, right?! HAHAHA.

Meat is murder....tasty, tasty murder

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