Saturday, April 17, 2010

Here in the real world, it's not that easy at all

An entry, in list format!

1. My son has started exclaiming "jeeze-oh-pete!". This thrills me and makes me giggle hysterically.

2. We took a nice long walk down by the creek today. Two different sets of people stopped us to tell us how silly our dog looks. We know this, it's why we (and by we, I mean me) had to have her!


3. One of the people who stopped to tell us about the sheer goofiness of our dog, was the neighbors behind us. We have long thought we'd probably get along great with these people. They have a boy who they hang out with, like to bbq, drink beer and just kinda hang out. These are all things we like to do. Viking Mike's over there havin a few beers with them right now.

4. I have a dear friend going through a lot of stress right now. I'm insanely, intensely worried about her. I know that when I tell Viking Mike this, he will offer to drive to Omaha and get her and bring her back here so I can take care of her. To say that I'm married to the kindest, most loving, most amazing man ever would be an understatement.

5. Last night the new neighbors who moved into The Devilton's house were up late being rowdy. Really goin to town, hollerin and hootin and banging on the door and such. I thought about calling the police but lacked the will to go downstairs and find the phone number. I didn't realize how ridiculous this was until today when my dad said "so you were going to call the police because the neighbors were being rowdy at 10:30 p.m. on a Friday night?". That's when it hit me, I'm over the hill.

6. My bff told me tonight she's thinking of coming out for a visit. I'm so excited. I have missed her so much. There are just some things that she alone gets. Last time she was here, we drove to Kansas City and went to see Maroon 5 and the Counting Crows. We drank too much beer and got really rowdy and loud and hubby just took care of us and laughed at us cuz he's used to us. Then we spent an entire afternoon laying in bed giggling. That's how we roll, we're silly. My bff's name is Cari and my stepdad has called us "Carica" forever. That's just who we are, we're Carica. We've been best friends for the last 16 years or so, since our freshman year in H.S. There is peace and comfort and serenity in a friendship that has sustained and grown and blossomed over that long a time. I know no matter what happens, I've always got her. It's almost like being in a marriage.

7. I, assuming I pass my drug test and background check, am due to start at Wal-Mart pretty soon. There's already talk about putting me in charge of customer service. I was a little worried that my rant at the interview about manners and the importance of a cheerful attitude may have done me some harm. Apparently it did indeed make quite an impression, but a good one! So that's nice, it'll be awesome to have some money to do some stuff around this house.

What is a friend? A single soul dwelling in two bodies.

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