Monday, July 12, 2010

I want to check you for ticks

Today... a list.

1. I'm one ginormous bug bite. Hangin out outside drinking beer with the NPN is the most awesome thing to do on a night off...The mosquitoes are not.

2. Last night at work, my favorite girl to work with, a dear friend I'll call Emm saw me cleaning my glasses and thought I was crying. She gasped "Erica what's wrong?!" and when I explained I was not crying but was cleaning my glasses she chuckled, her adorable pregnant belly jiggling just a bit, and said "oh my goodness, I thought I was going to have to jump on someone's back and kick their ass". I giggled hysterically. Sweet girl, that Emm. She may be joining us for a bbq (I like to say it just the way it's spelled "BEE-BEE-QUEUE") at the lake this week.

3. The girl who makes Walmart entirely unbearable (we'll call her Eh?! Cuz that seems fitting), may be gone soon. That would be very nice.

4. Did I mention the bug bites? So.many.bites.

5. We found more Mystery Science Theater 3000 we hadn't seen on Netflix. This makes for many much giggles.

6. Nathan starts swimming lessons this week. I'm excited for him.

7. I think that's it. Last night I thought I had about a meeeeelion things to tell you, but I didn't remember any of them I don't think. Random blog is random.

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