Friday, September 17, 2010

Couldn't take no more of that rock n' roll

A few things for you this beautiful fall morning. For one, it's Toby Keith and Trace Adkins day. This afternoon Dad and I are headin to Omaha. We'll do Keno and hot wings and bottles of Budweiser at the Union before the show and then take the shuttle on over. We'll get good n rowdy and then take the shuttle back. Tomorrow morning we'll dawdle in the pool and then head home. We're having a crowd over for hot wings (duh), more budweiser (duh) and the Husker game (triple DUH). Then afterwards, everyone's stayin around for a 10$ a head poker tournament. We're stupid excited and I just know we're goin to have a blast even if we lose our hind ends off.

We had Nikki and Drew and the kids over last night. We ate leftover pizza, blasted some Willie Nelson, drank some beer and generally had an awesome time. Sometimes I think Toby Keith wrote Trailerhood about our neighborhood. I know we don't live in a trailer park but danged if that don't describe our 'hood.

So anyway, havin a quiet day so far today. It's nice to have my laptop fixed. A dear friend from Aardwolf sent me a laptop HD so I could get fixed up till tax time when I'll be buying a new one! So that rawks. I have Physical Therapy here in an hour or so. When I went in the other day she said that in addition to hurting my shoulder, I'd "bulged" a disc in my neck. So apparently that's goin to take some work to get right. But for now, I'm just hangin out and doin some laundry while watching Shooter Jennings and Jamey Johnson on Crossroads. Definitely two of my favorite sorta "harder" country guys. So on that note, enjoy these two little dittys...

Those white lines get drawn into the sun if you aint got no one to keep you hanging on...And there you were like a queen in your nightgown, riding shotgun from town to town, Staking a claim on the world we found... And I'm singing to you, you're singing to me, you were out of the blue to a boy like me
"Fourth of July" --Shooter Jennings

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