Tuesday, September 28, 2010

Life enough to love and laugh

Do you find that you take comfort in the humdrum, everyday rather "ho-hum" (pun intended) aspects of life? We had a very average night here on Ho-Hum Drive. We had grab-it-and-growl (leftovers) for supper. We watched Futurama. I worked out. We did a puzzle together. I came upstairs to put the freshly clean and crisp sheets on the bed. I sat down to watch Flashpoint and compute in my seating area in my room. Shelby came upstairs and checked in on Nathan (she does this every night, she sticks her head in his room, sniffs around and makes sure he's in his bed..if he's sleeping elsewhere for the night, she whines) and came in and hopped up on her blanket on the bed...

And yet...it's at moments like these that I feel most content, most serene, most happy and most blessed. They're simple pleasures to be sure but does that make them any less valuable than the grander moments in life? I think taking pleasure in the every day little things in life is the key to being a long term, genuinely happy person. I don't think these simple joys in any way trivialize the larger events of one's life...But I do think it means you're going to find a lot more reasons to celebrate in life.

"To be happy with simple pleasures is no simple matter."


  1. Looks like a regular basset to me, but they say it's mixed:



    Just adorable:

  2. Thanks, I'd never seen that first site for finding pups. I appreciate it. Also, did you know the layout's all wonky on your blog?

  3. Thanks! Fixed it! I don't use my blog often, just when something profound hits me to the point that I want to write about it. I really should do more...someday...Happy Hound Hunting!


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