Wednesday, September 29, 2010

Out of the clear blue sky

Tonight...a list.

1. I'm applying for a job at the hospital. The pay is better I'm sure, the hours are flexible daytime hours and I'd be in an office setting. If I could get on there making more money, I'd be willing to do fulltime (well 35 hours) so that I could be done working sooner. They'd like someone with medical billing experience though and while I have some I don't have a lot. Still I think I could wow them. Please be in prayer about that as I will be.

2. Finally getting to watch Shutter Island tonight. I read the book ages ago and am really excited about watching it. Tonight hubby's at band practice and kidlet's off to bed soon. So I'll let my Shelbs in and we'll snuggle and watch a good creepy movie. It's the perfect night for it. It got dark nice and early and there's a bite in the air and a ferocious wind blowing, rattling this old house. I'm excited. Tis the season for scary movies...and homemade popcorn (the only kind worth eatin) and hot cider and homemade hot chocolate (the recipe for which I'll post later this week).

3. Tomorrow night I'm going out with Nikki (the girl I have so much in common with) and Jessie (Reece's mom, the neighbor wife). [If I say their names enough maybe y'all will know who I mean and I can quit trying to explain who they are!] A country band is playing at Uncle Ron's in Lincoln, throwing a big ole barn party to benefit the Children's Hospital in Omaha. So we're going to go do that. It's so friggin awesome to have girls again!

4. Been working out like a crazy lady. My father in law was out to visit and he bought our Christmas gifts as he usually does when he's out to visit. He got me the EA Sports Active game for the Wii. I did the 30 day challenge day 1 a few days ago and was crippled for a couple of days there. But, even in pain I continued to do my jogging and step aerobics. Today I was feeling strong though so I did jogging, step aerobics, cardio dancing (an absolute freakin hoot on account of my poor coordination and sense of rhythm) and boxing. I will not tell you whose face I picture while boxing as I don't want the FBI bangin down my door. Let's just say my Jersey Mama calls it "boxin with Barry" **wink**

5. We continue to look for a second doggie. We're looking for a Basset mix of some kind. We've seen two absolutely perfect dogs. One was a Basset/Lab cross and one was a Basset mutt of some kind that no one could determine. Both were adopted in the 24 hours it took me to see them on the site, show Mike and fill out an application :( So if anyone knows of any Basset mixes in need of a good home in Nebraska, let me know!

Hope everyone's having an awesome kickoff to fall!

"Every now and then ya gotta take it on the chin
Gotta turn the other cheek
But then there’s times your old stubborn pride
Don’t back down so easily
And you got no choice but to let your voice
Be heard and hold your ground
And that’s the point that he’ll get the point
And he’ll probably back down
But if he bows up and steps across that line
Ya gotta whoop a man’s ass sometimes
Man, I’ll be the first one here to call you crazy
If you let me catch you cussin’ out a kid or roughin’ up a lady
And God forbid that anybody mess with mine
Ya gotta whoop a man’s ass sometimes"

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