Monday, November 8, 2010

Paging Dr. Elvis

Weeelllll...I'm still sick. It's been a rough few weeks between the walking pneumonia and this latest go-round with the stomach flu. Last night it got bad...I mean really really bad. My stomach was spasming and I literally couldn't stop throwing up. All I did was dry-heave and throw up for like 20 minutes before I finally told The Viking, who was staring at me wide-eyed and freaked out, "it's time to go to the hospital". So I went to our local ER. There's never anyone there of course, it's a small town afterall. The got me in right away and let me lie down. They dug around in my arm for ohhh I don't know fifteen minutes or more while they tried to find a vein to put an iv in. Meanwhile Nursey McCheerful (who I feel sorry for..I'm a hard stick under the best of circumstances, get me dehydrated and it's a mess...and the Viking was beginning to look like he was going to choke her if I didn't quit whimpering as she dug around) tells me that Dr Elvis will be in to see me soon. Surely she must have misspoke I think to myself. And well, she did. It was Dr Alvis...but he'll always be Dr. Elvis to me (I think there's a country song in there somewhere). And he had loud shoes, it sounded like a woman walkin around with stilettos on, I swear.

Anyway...all that aside, they did finally land the needle and get an iv in. They gave me two, count 'em two bags of fluids and some anti-nausea medication. They ran a bajillion and one tests and then probed around my poor aching belly. Finally Dr Elvis declared me sick with the "stomach bug" and ordered me to stay in bed and take these don't throw up pills and come back if the fever spikes up again.

It's been a rough month and my poor body is so tired and achey from being so sick so long. I guess I'm of a "weak constitution". If I'd come across the Oregon Trail I probably woulda died of dysentary. And of course I'll be in trouble when I get back to work. I find it really hard to care about that right now when my arms are bruised and sore and my stomach hurts from so much vomiting and I've just disgusted all two of my blog readers with talk about vomit.

"She has a weak constitution" said her father

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