Sunday, November 14, 2010

Roll the dice and have some faith

A list...

1. I'm going to cut my hair. While I love my awesomely awesome long hair, I'm tired. It takes a minimum of 20 minutes to brush it all out and it takes 3.5-4 hours for it to dry. With having been sick, it's been really crummy trying to stay caught up with it. Plus, I'm now a part time student, a part time babysitter, a part time cashier and a full time mom. I have zero extra time to wait for my hair to dry.

2. Last night at work an 87 year old man called me an f*****g nosy b***h. It was epic. He was irritated that I'd asked to see his id for the check he wrote. "Would you (what's-a-comin-and-a-go*) like to know if I'm wearing Depends or see my false teeth?" I'm not even a little bit sure what that has to do with his driver's license and his desire to write a check.

3. I watched a pretty interesting special on Colton something something or other. The "Barefoot Bandit". I feel for him in the same kinda way that I sympathize with Jesse James. It's a sickness, I'm sure.

4. About 1/2 way done with my first book of exams and quizzes for my Medical Transcription thingie. I'll get 3 more books in the mail and then presumably take my finals. I'm so ready to be done working outside the home. It's crummy but my health is just kinda touch and go. Between the allergies/sinus troubles and the migraines, I need to not have to worry about when I need to stay in bed.

5. Fixing to take yet another nap before work. I'm so exhausted these days. I know I've been sick a lot but ermph I'm just so run down. It would help if I could get the nausea to back off enough so that I could eat normally and take my vitamins/medications/etc. Oh well. Even I'm tired of hearing myself whine.

*On The Late Late Show With Craig Ferguson, when he's going to swear they insert him doing a foreign accent over the swear word. What's-a-comin-a-and-a-go is his Italian accent imitation. It's awesome and it makes me laugh. So I've decided to start using it here when I need to swear.

Shift work, tough work for the busy convenience store clerk
Two feet that hurt, going insane
She's mad at some lad
Drove off and didn't pay for his gas and he won't be the last 'round the clock pain
Working seven to three
Three to eleven
Eleven to seven
I`m talking about a bunch of shiftwork
A big ol' pile of shiftwork
Seven to three
Three to eleven
Eleven to seven

-"Shiftwork" --Kenny Chesney

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