Tuesday, December 28, 2010

I still believe in waltzes

1. The sickeys are creepin through Ho Hum Drive. Nathan's got a fever, a cough and some sneezles. I don't know what the heck is wrong with me, besides pregnancy. Today I've got a terrible headache and some mild cramping. Of course the cramping makes me nervous even though I *know* it's totally normal and probably has more to do with the jar of pickles I'm ingesting daily than anything else.
2. We're gettin to the point in my classes that most of our quizzes are actual medical transcription reports. This is loads of fun (no, really) except that they want us to get used to different accents and dialects, so roughly half the reports are dictated with this super thick accent. Medical terms that I'm not entirely sure I understand when pronounced in regular ole midwestern English become impossible to understand when done in an Indian accent (dots, not feathers).
3. Did I mention the jar of pickles per day habit? Dear Turkey*, could we crave something else for a while? I kinda miss chocolate. Although I have to say, my nightly snack is chocolate milk and pickles and it is heavenly.
4. I just realized I never recapped Christmas. So here we go: It was awesome. For one, my mother in law's house will always be home to me. I love going there and I love spending time with her and my father in law. Secondly, my brother in law and his woman (who is also pregnant and due almost exactly 1 month after me) and my sweet nephew were there. Nathan and Jason are bffs even though the age difference is huge. Thirdly, I got all I could really want (more chamomile/lavender bubblebath!) and my kid got the things he desperately wanted. Fourth, my mother in law bought me errrr Nathan the new Sandra Boynton book about cows. I read it and giggled for approximately 72 hours. It was awesome. Plus, my mother in law spoiled me and let me nap and fed me and it was awesome to be pampered. She's the best.
5. We, here on HHD, have major plans for New Year's. We're going to be heading off to Omaha mid-afternoon to eat at Carrabba's. Then we'll come home and probably all be asleep before 9:30 p.m. It's such a rock star life.
6. I realize all the "experts" say it's too early to feel the baby move. However, I believe them to be full of hooey. Ask any Mama who's been pregnant before and I've heard of people feelin baby move as early as 8 weeks. And even if they're wrong, who cares? If it makes Mama feel better to think she feels the baby move, which by the way it does, then let her. So at 12 weeks (exactly), I'm happy to report Turkey* moves quite frequently on the left side of my belly. And it gives me the giggles.
7. For reasons I can't explain, I miss my bff so badly right now. I wish she was here to share in this joy with me.

**Turkey - We've begun sort of calling the baby inside me "Turkey". I imagine it will do until we get a fix on gender. We did, afterall, find out we were pregnant 2 days after Thanksgiving. And no, we don't know yet if we're going to find out what we're having. That's a story for another day.


  1. I felt Bitsy moving quite a bit earlier than I did with McGee, so it's totally possible you are feeling the turkey flappin' its' wings :P

  2. I have heard similar stories from so many mamas! And also, the mental picture of the Turkey flappin its wings made me laugh so hard I worried for 32 seconds I might explode


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