Monday, January 24, 2011

She climbed high in that saddle, fell I don't know how many times

It's been a busy week here on Ho Hum Drive so as much as I hate to bore y'all with another list, I lack brain power to put together anything remotely coherent :)

1. We had 14 people here for supper last night. We've got a tight little circle of 4 families and we all got together for supper. The plan is to rotate houses which is awesome to the pregnant-and-always-tired Mama! It was loud and wild and crazy and so much laughter was had! Good times.

2. I've been extra sick this last week. Between my allergies (this morning my eyes itched and hurt so bad and when I looked in the mirror, I saw that they were almost swollen shut) and my morning sickness (which is actually in the morning these days), I've been feelin a tad bit under the weather.

3. Finally got to go see the new True Grit. Things come slow to our little town and it took it a good bit to get here. But it was definitely worth the wait. I'm a die-hard Western fan and loved the original. People kept warning me that this one was "so" different but aside from a few changes, it was really very true to the original. And I kept forgetting I wasn't actually watching The Duke. You John Wayne fans, don't kill me. I love The Duke (though I've always been more of a Clint Eastwood kinda gal), but Jeff Bridges did an amazing job. It was phenomenal, truly phenomenal. Totally worth bravin the cold weather for!

4. Speaking of cold weather, I am officially ready for spring. Don't get me wrong, I love winter (no really, I do), but by bout 3/4 through any season I'm ready for the next one. I long, down deep in my soul, for fresh air and open windows and rain storms and Pink Charm Daffodils.

5. I've got one more quiz to send in and then they should release the 4th, and final, shipment of my books for school. Then I'll have roughly 16 more quizzes or so to do and I'll be done. Which is good. I'm ready to not be havin to count every penny every single week. Financial strain gets us all sometimes, and Lord knows The Viking and I have seen our fair share, but it always passes. That's what I tell myself at 3 a.m. when I'm up obsessing frettin'.

6. The pregnancy is all well and good. Little Katie Jane or Joshua is very active. We have our 17 week appointment here in a week-ish and will schedule the appointment to have the dramatic-findin-out-the-gender-ultrasound. My Twinsie suggested takin someone with me and lettin the dr tell them and then me findin out at my shower. I don't know if I could handle that. We'll see :) Originally, of course, I had said that I'd like to have a herd of boys before I got down and crazy with a baby girl, but the more I think of havin a little cowgirl, the more my heart kinda melts. It'd be nice to have someone to take to the rodeo who would hopefully love barrel racing as much as I do and who I could make Little House on the Prairie style dresses and bonnets for! Of course, there's unmitigated joy in havin another buckaroo too. In short, we don't care what we have, we're just happy to be knocked up!

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