Monday, February 28, 2011

I call that real

1. The Jammin for Josef benefit was Saturday night. They raised a sizable sum of money for the family and everyone had a good time. The Viking got to do vocals on a song and we got to hang with some of our very dear friends. You can watch the news footage of the event here.

2. The Viking made it home from his business trip okay last week. It was horrible and awful and I missed him so very badly. If he never has to go out of town for work again it'll be too soon.

3. 21 weeks pregnant and my next OB appointment is tomorrow. Still dealing with nausea but the real problem now is the sciatica/hip pain that's keeping me up all the live long night. We'll be having a little chat with the doctor about that.

4. Tonight we had a simple dinner of frozen pot pies and a Kid's Cuisine tv dinner. We sat around the table and talked about Nathan's class, his teacher, presidents and Dr Seuss. Then we whipped out the Wii and played some team MarioKart. Nathan and I are terrible at it but we don't care. We still squeal with laughter and delight. At one point we explained that when Nathan lived in Mama's belly, we used to put that on and play it at night. He laughed and said "yeah, and I'd be in your belly sayin, "mama?! is that MarioKart out there?!" I laughed so hard my belly hurt.

5. We're working on plans for a dino-themed party for Stomp's bday (although, after tonight he kinda wants a MarioKart bday). He came up with some fun and creative dino games to play and I think it's really going to be a blast.

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