Tuesday, June 7, 2011

Howl at the moon, shoot out the lights

Some bits and pieces of the thoughts trying to tumble through my brain in all this dadgum heat:

1. My thoughts and prayers goin out all over the Midwest right now as the Heartland tries to deal with flooding. We have dear friends just across the river in Iowa and it sounds like they're going to have to pack up and evacuate. I can't even imagine trying to deal with all that right now and I just pray they're able to get back home soon!

2. More thoughts and prayers goin out to the folks out in New Mexico. Apparently there's a wildfire blazing in Arizona that is blowing ash, soot and smoke right on over into NM. This means their air quality is worse than it usually is and many homes can't run their swamp coolers. The heat + air quality is doing a lot of damage, particularly to the elderly and the ill.

3. As for Nebraska, well shooey it is flippin.hot. Highs in the 100's yesterday and today both. This makes for a slightly more nauseated and headache-ey version of Mama. But we're gettin through! We've been to the lake once already. Unfortunately, and for some odd reason, there were dead fish lined up on the shore (like 5-6 of them) and the smell was unbearable. I'm hoping not to go back until that particular issue has been resolved. Also unfortunately, our local pool is closed for some major maintenance issues and we've no idea when it'll open. So we've been spending a lot of time soaking up the AC, watching Spongebob and eating popsicles, lots and lots and lots of popsicles. I've done away with clothing whenever possible. All this week Stomp has activity time at the library so we can go soak up THEIR AC for a while!

4. Both my baby showers are this weekend and I'm very excited. Yesterday Stomps and I made a "Countdown To Baby Calendar". He's getting very excited and this way he can see exactly how many days until Gramma and Papa get here and from there, how many days until Joshua arrives.

Oops, just noticed it's time to trot off to the library! I hope you're all well and that all those suffering right now can get some peace, serenity, strength and comfort from the Good Lord above.

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