Saturday, July 23, 2011

Happy 8 day!

You know you're a blogger when the doctor tells you, "we're going to put you in the hospital for this infection which, oh by the way, is eating your flesh" and you think, "I hope I can bring my laptop so I can facebook/tweet/liveblog my horrible, awful infection".

So that's what I'm doing...and here's what's going on (warning: it is a touch gross).

I developed a topical infection a week or so after delivering Joshua. The doctor kept telling me"try to keep it JULY". Then we'd all have a good chuckle. So anyway, it didn't get better...and didn't get better.....and then got worse. So after seeing the doctor 3 or 4 times and a 2nd round of antibiotics/creams/etc, I went in to see a different doc because mine was out of town. He said "wow that's not good, has that hole been getting bigger?". I say "what hole?". He says "wow that's really, really really not good, I'm going to admit you to the hospital". They gave me some time to go home and pack some stuff and round up some troops (to take Nathan, to sit with me till Mike could get home, etc) and yesterday afternoon I checked back into the hospital. They started me on some IV antibiotics and did some very basic wound care while assuring me their "wound care specialist" would be in to see me and give me some better tips. They let the baby stay in the room with me and The Viking and Stomp headed down to spend the weekend with Grandma Faraways. Soooo the wound care lady came in and told me that my infection is eating through my skin, making it resemble "hamburger" and has tunneled into my flesh (gross, huh?). She did some horribly painful very thorough "wound care" (which involved "packing" iodine soaked gauze into the "tunnels")and doped me up on antibiotics and pain pills. I've been "resting"** and they seem to think I should be going home by tomorrow night or maybe Monday morning. Until then, I'm eating lousy food, updating my facebook with wildly disgusting updates and hanging out with The Viking and Grunt.

Everytime I'm in the hospital I think of Brian Regan. So, for your giggling pleasure, I give you this clip:

**It should be noted the doctor told me about 152 times to "rest". I kept thinking "this isn't like a COLD, how is resting going to help me?" Of course "resting" means that you're not agitating infected skin or causing more perspiration gross-ness in the infected area. I should have listened. I realize that now.

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  1. Oh my goodness, that is horrible! I hope you are able to heal soon, that sounds really painful and traumatizing!


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