Tuesday, November 1, 2011

I got a rock

So...Last night was Halloween. "Duh, Erica", I hear y'all saying. But, we're a little behind here on HHD. Nonetheless, much Halloween-debauchery was had. Nathan, being the son of two enormous gaming geeks, decided he wanted to be Mario. Yes, that Mario. He wanted Mama to be Princess Peach, Daddy to be Bowser and the dogs to be Yoshi. He also desperately wanted Joshua to be Luigi, but I convinced him Toad would be a little easier on Mom. Of course, then Mama couldn't even find the parts to a Toad costume for the baby. So, Grunters wore a monster outfit Auntie Taryn sent him. And, I'm really proud to say, I put together Nathan's costume for $3.00. Yes, you heard me right. $3.00. He had overalls from a couple of years ago that were good enough (yes, they were 3" too short, but they worked okay) and he had a red shirt. A friend sent us some stick-on mustaches. I could not, for the life of Mario, find a red hat. So, I took one of Daddy's old hats and took some red felt and glued it in strips onto the old hat. I added some white and red "M's" and called it good. Then, and this is the really spectacular part, I constructed power-up flowers. You've all played Super Mario Bros right? So you know the red flower that lets you shoot fire balls and the blue flowers that let you shoot ice balls? I took some pipe cleaners and made those special flowers and pinned them to the overalls. Nathan was super proud of his home-made costume and I was pretty proud of myself too. Then we went up to the fancy-pants neighborhood with Reece and Jessie and her nephew and went trick-or-treating. Much fun was had and Nathan made me super proud with how fearless he was, even in the face of moving ghosts and screaming skeletons handing out candy. And he exhibited good manners...a must on HHD.

Mario - pre-mustache


Monster Joshua wearing his outfit from Auntie Taryn


The two brothers pre-trick-or-treating


Mario, Grunt Monster and Reece...Reece was not yet in full zombie gear and unfortunately I didn't get a picture of him in it, but he was very super-duper scary. And also very polite. Good boys, those two, I swear.


Nathan's candy (Monked)** - When we got home from trick-or-treating, Nathan organized his candy by type and then put it into neat little rows.


**Bonus points if you get the reference!

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  1. Adorable!!! I'm thinking Christmas card photo right there.


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