Thursday, October 27, 2011

Think that I'm throwing but I'm thrown

So, as per usual, things are a little psychotic here on Ho-Hum Drive. It's 11:40 on a school night and I can't sleep. So I thought I'd catch y'all list format because it's 11:40 p.m.

1. The Viking's job sent him out of town for a week. I lost my mind. We have a 7 year old, a 9 year old I babysit every day and a 4 month old who isn't sleeping through the night. I may not have been entirely kind in my response. I may have also used every four letter word I could think of. Some of y'all woulda been really proud. Some of you woulda decided never to come back around these parts again. Anyway, my stepdad wound up flying out for the first 3 1/2 days The Viking was gone to give me an extra set of hands. He went home early this morning and we miss him terribly but I did manage to survive my entire day with absolutely no break. Hell, for part of that time I even had 2 extra kids who weren't mine. Still, sanity seems to be largely in tact. Except for this whole pesky insomnia thing. I can't seem to get my brain to stop running.

2. While the Mountain Mark was out here, he insulated and drywalled what was really a gaping hole in our wall from when The Viking put the door in like 3 years ago. It looks a million times better and oh hey at least one of our walls has insulation in it! We also did some really fun stuff like watching The Middle together (...together...) and watching Tom Horn and going out for donuts.

3. I severely tweaked my back. The doctor and the PT got together and concluded I slipped a couple of discs. How I did this exactly, no one's sure but they believe it has to do with all the weakening of, well, everything, when you're pregnant to make room for the baby. They're pretty sure with proper positioning and posture and some time for the hormones (the same ones making me bats**t insane, most likely) to move out of my body, it'll heal up on its own. Until then I'm being treated with a back brace (which makes chasing after 3 boys sooooooooooooo easy) and some Flexeril. I keep suggesting a steroid/narcotics combination. Not just because that's what I've heard works best in the short term (while the PT has time to work), but because I think I would be a serious hoot on that combination of drugs.

4. The Viking returns home tomorrow and I believe some time is going to need to be made for some kind of romantic event, even if it's only dinner together. I missed him terribly while he was gone and I know he had a really hard time being away from Stomp and Grunt (and probably me too).

5. Jessie and I wound up having a great time at Chris Young. We didn't kidnap him but we were close enough to almost grab his cute little behind. There is no part of that man that is unattractive, except that he's not mine. Shooey, did it just get hot in here?

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