Friday, November 25, 2011

Little town with a great big life

In preparation for Thanksgiving, a lot of people have been naming one thing a day they're thankful for. I saved all mine up to do on Thanksgiving. I, of course, got busy with a house full of company and didn't get it put up yesterday. But here it is, 30 things I'm thankful for in November. Some deserve further details and explanations and some are pretty self-explanatory!

1. Mike - Without the Viking, none of this would be possible. No kids, no sweet little housewife life in Huskerland, no wonderful love story to last me the next 50 years.
2. Stomp - Truly a most amazing, silly, sweet, kind, affectionate, smart and loving child. He makes me laugh He's free with the words "I love you" and I really adore that he doesn't try to hide his feelings.
3. Smooshers - Ahhh, the baby we weren't supposed to have. It was two days after Thanksgiving last year that I was in the ER being told I was pregnant. One year prior to that we'd given up hope of having any more kids after being told we wouldn't be "able" to. That's why they call it "practicing" medicine, I suppose. Joshua is an incredibly happy baby who isn't shy about all the smiles, giggles and general adorability.
4. The rest of my family - Between holes in the wall, broken washing machines, pregnancy and labor crises, my family has been right here, even when they can't physically be right here.
5. My friends - I'm going to single a few of you out who have been especially super-duper-awesome this year, but on the whole I am surrounded by the most incredibly sweet, giving, fun group of people. I am lucky and blessed to know all of you.
6. Taryn - Ohhhhh Peas. It's hard to imagine this last year without her in it. She's picked me up and dusted me off more than a few times and made me laugh so many times I can't keep count anymore.
7. Chrissi - A rock and a constant source of knowledge, support and inspiration.
8. Joe & Jessie & Reece - I'm lucky to be able to watch Reece and to have him in my life. I love my 1/2 son! And I'm so thankful that we've gotten to know each other. You will not meet a more generous, giving, fun-loving couple than these two. Promise.
9. Nany - When I'm going about my day, dancing Grunters around and cleaning house, I think of how different my life would be if Nany hadn't shown me how easy it is to be a housewife.
10. Shelby and EmmyLou - Good girls (despite the chewing and the barking). Snuggly and smart and protective. My sweet pups.
11. Country music - Music that shaped my childhood and sweetens my adult life.
12. Kitchen Aid mixer
13. "Friends" (the tv show, not the people) - Viking Mike and I watch this every night before bed for a quick giggle and snuggle.
14. Nebraska - I love this state and I mean to never ever live anywhere else.
15. Chocolate
16. Babies - We had two babies born into our family this year!
17. Blogging - Gives me a great outlet and a chance to spread my writing wings. I dreamed of being a writer growing up and this lil blog gives me a chance to do so. Maybe someday I'll make money at it.
18. Cornhuskers - GO BIG RED!
19. The E*Trade baby - I love these commercials so much and they really tie into #20.
20. Laughter - They say it's the best medicine. All I know is that it binds me closer to those I love, smoothes the edges off a rough day and soothes a weary soul.
21. Salvation from my sin through my Lord and Savior, Jesus Christ.
22. Calvary Baptist Church - A little small town church with a big heart.
23. Not living in New Mexico anymore.
24. Fuzzy socks
25. Hot tea
26. Long-sleeved nightgowns
27. 4 real seasons
28. Rose-scented bubble bath
29. The internet google tubez - Helps me keep in touch with family all over the country, provides endless entertainment and plenty of opportunities to play Angry Birds to learn!
30. The library - My library tracks how much money you would've spent if you'd bought all the books you checked out over the course of a year. I would've spent around $1800.00.

***EDIT*** Now that Thanksgiving has passed, I'm also thankful for The Great Pie Experiment that landed me an awesome new pie crust recipe. I'm thankful for homemade cranberry sauce and the new recipe I tried on that as well. I'm thankful for babygirl snuggles with my niece, cousins who can't get enough of playing together, and the girls of this family (we're vastly outnumbered, but we're feisty, spunky and awesome, right Mom and Maria and Alice?

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