Wednesday, November 30, 2011

Just a touch of the fire burnin so bright

A list...because I'm not sure I can string all these thoughts together into one coherent post any other way.

1. Thanksgiving was a roaring success. The Great Pie Experiment Of 2011 is going well and the winning crust recipe seems to be 3/4 C butter and 1/4 C Crisco. My apple pie was so yummy it was out of this world.
2. I know I shouldn't but I love the show Intervention and now I see Netflix has all the seasons. That's how I've spent the last 3 days.
3. The doctor finally told me "I know you're not resting and that I can keep telling you it's the best thing for your back and you're just not going to do it. So my current plan is to throw as many drugs at you as I can until you're too tired to do anything BUT rest". In addition to that, Mike finally realized that the only way to get me to not do housework was for him to do it all himself. He realized that by leaving it sitting out I wasn't going to be able to control myself and I was going to have to clean it. So he's been doing all the housework. This all adds up to me having done very little in the last few days. And wouldn't you know it, my back finally is starting to feel better!
4. Also helping with the resting is the broke-down washing machine. Buuuuuuut (drum roll please), as a Christmas gift, my Jersey Mama and Mountain Mark have bought me a new washer and dryer to be delivered next week. I've never in my life owned a brand new set and I'm so excited it's ridiculous.
5. The Smoosh is growing up so fast it's absurd. He's eating cereal 3 times a day now and can hold his own bottle and can mostly sit up on his own. I keep yelling "you're only 5 months old, knock it off! Quit growing up!" He's not listening.
6. Finally finished the paperwork to get moving on getting out of this house. With any luck we'll have the house sold and will have found a place to rent in our new town by the summer. Please oh please. We are ever so anxious to get out of this town.
7. I am going down to the basement today to get my Christmas decorations and Christmas cards out. I hope to have cards finished by the weekend. We'll see!
8. The baby just accidentally head-butted me so hard I saw stars. This seems like a good time to end this little note.

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