Friday, December 9, 2011

Walkin in our winter underwear*

Winter's finally arrived here in Huskerland and there is an abundance of snow. So this Friday Five is brought to you by Jack Frost and Santa Clause!

Five things I love about winter

1. "Silent night, holy night" is how the song goes. But there really is nothing quite like the serene quiet of a dark winter's night. It feels so magical and peaceful.
2. Homemade hot cocoa. If you're still buying Swiss Miss, let me start by saying "I'm sorry for your loss" to you. The homemade stuff is out of this world. Top with a candy cane or some mini marshmallows and I have been known to literally let out a little moan of happiness.
3. Red-faced, rosy-cheeked little boys. It's no secret by now that I have a few obscenely hyper active boys in my household. They love nothing more than to get all geared up (which does take approximately 37 minutes) and go out in the snow to play war, to throw snowballs, to construct elaborate snow forts. When they come back inside and strip off their gear, they're treated to homemade hot cocoa (see above) or hot soup and sometimes a hot bath. I treasure these moments where Mama gets to be kind of a superhero able to provide warmth to her cold, frozen little boys. Which reminds me, I love that commercial where the snowman eats the Campbell's soup and melts into a little boy. So cute.
4. Our little town really knows how to do Christmas decorating right. The square is all lit up with Christmas lights and evergreen boughs. On the nights when we venture out for a family movie or to visit Santa's house, it shines so pretty and makes me feel so blessed to live here.
5. Hot soup. When it comes to soup, I haven't met too many I didn't like. I like Campbell's vegetable beef and Progresso chicken noodle and of course homemade chicken and dumplings, lentil soup and beef stew. Sure, you can eat these meals throughout the year (and we do), but there's nothing quite like a hot bowl of soup after a long, cold, shivery day.

What tops your list?

*P.S.* -- This is how my stepdad has always sung "Walkin' in a Winter Wonderland". I like his version infinitely better.

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  1. Pics! I need pics of the decorated town! I'm a Christmas junkie!


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