Monday, February 20, 2012

You don't have to love me anymore

So much happened this weekend that I feel a list is in order. Then we'll get to Monday's song.

1. Saturday was glorious. First of all, we got our tax refund in and part of it was earmarked for Mama to get a new laptop. I had been using a Dell I bought used 2 years ago. By our estimates it was at least 6 years old. To do even the most ordinary task took fooooorever. So first we stopped at Buffalo Wild Wings where I consumed approximately 82 dozen hot wings (Amen) and then over to Best Buy where we were thinking we'd just browse before ordering something elsewhere. But, we found what we wanted right there at BB. I'm now the proud owner of a laptop that doesn't take 10 minutes to boot up and 22 minutes to load a website.
2. Sunday I took my babysit-ee and my boys to church. It was an ordeal. Babysit-ee has not spent a lot of time in church and has a bit of a time sitting down and being quiet. But we survived. Then I took a quick nappity nap and got ready for
my date with my Mother-In-Law. We went to see One For The Money. I love love love love those books, as the daughter of a Jersey girl. The movie did not disappoint. Then last night The Viking and I watched The Machinist. Well, most of The Machinist. We wound up passing out before the ending so don't spoil me. But we spent most of it saying "what the....who the...WHUUUUUCK?!?!". I also kept reiterating what an awesome actor Christian Bale is. I absolutely kept forgetting I was watching the dude who brought me the sexiest Batman yet. I only hope that the ending ties everything up because right now me and Mike are so confused. I hope I can wait till he gets home but I'm kind of dying to know what happens.
3. Today all 3 boys are home with me of course. Reece spent the night last night (he slept here Thursday night too). As of a few moments ago, the lazy bones were still asleep together on the sofa. Smoosh and I are just keeping quiet upstairs, while getting some additional chores done. I'm happy to say the rooms are finally almost done all over the house. Smoosh's room is complete. I need to send some of Stomp's toys to the basement and his room will be done. I have a huge stack of plastic totes to be taken to the basement but then our bedroom and the office will be complete too. It feels good to be almost done.
4. Okay, so today's song is by the always-awesome Alan Jackson. I like this song because it reminds me of the sadness of an old George Jones or Hank Williams song. The video features Alan without his trademark mustache (!!!). Enjoy!

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