Tuesday, March 27, 2012

Harder to breathe

Stomp's 8th birthday was a while back, on the 16th. We had a small family party for him and The Viking that weekend (they're a day apart) and then this past weekend we had 7 children over for a sleepover. Oh, I'm sorry, for "Survivor Camp" (my stepdad tells me boys don't have "sleepovers"). It started out as four kids. Two of them were the boys I babysit. The other two were two of Nathan's closest friends from school. So that's how it started. Then our friend Nikki moved back with her boy, Sean. And seeing as how him and Nathan were besties in 1st grade, we couldn't not invite him. So then we were up to five extra. THEN The Viking's middle brother was going to be in town with his two kids and, "oh hey by the way can you babysit?". At this point I'm thinking, "WTF ever, what's TWO more?! I'm still going to be institutionalized?!"

So we wind up with nine total children in this God-forsaken house. It was...it's...there are...it was...there are *no words*. Insane is not even close to covering it. Bat-crap-banana-sandwich doesn't even come close to covering it. It was so insane that the day after the party, I ran away from home. Okay sure, I just ran away to the lake 20 minutes away but I went with an MP3 player full of Maroon 5 and a cooler full of beer, cold beer uhhh beverages.

So anyway, we survived. It was insane and I'm still finding all kinds of extra kid's crap, but hey I got away to the lake. While I was there I drank too much beer got humped by a stranger's dog found enormous tranquility. And I returned home a new woman.

Amen. The End. 10-4 Good Buddy.


  1. Why? WHY? OH GOD WHY? Why would you do that to yourself? We need to talk...

  2. Oh Marianne, babe. I was thinking of you and your no play-dates rule the whole time I was writing this. I thought well hell, if I need to REALLY run away from home, I can probably crash at someone's house up in Chicago :D


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