Thursday, March 15, 2012

Viking Love

Today is Viking Mike's birthday! Thanks for being born, Viking Mike! And thanks for bearing him, Awesome Mother In Law! I'm so blessed that he was born and would later marry me and help me make two ridiculously smelly and incredibly ornery amazing boys! I'm a better woman because you are in my life. You have lightened my days and shortened my life and been my rock through all our trials. You make me laugh and smile and sometimes you make me roll my eyes so hard my head hurts groan, but you always make me happy. I love you babe.

P.S. Sorry for the light posting. My bestie has been in town and we've been ... Uhhh well we've been home, I suppose, but we've been laughing too hard and being far too inappropriate to be in public. Back to normal(ish) tomorrow!

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