Wednesday, June 13, 2012

Make the damage of her days disappear

Can't brain today, have teh codeine cough syrup a list.

1. I'm sure it's stress related but I have once again picked up a sinus infection and bronchitis. And I've lost 14 pounds in 3 weeks. Not eating, ftw!
2. Because I'm utterly batcrap crazy weird, I've been interested in the Whitey Bulger thing forever. I've got family in the Boston area and a strong obsession interest in organized crime. So you can imagine my glee when, on the same day, Catherine Greig was sentenced and I got a notice from the library that Howie Carr's book "Hitman" was waiting for me. I'm unhinged, I know.
3. My very BFF in the entire world will be here next week. I feel this will help enormously with the stress and depression. We'll see.
4. On that whole front: I've been taking it a day at a time and not making any major life decisions while I try to see through the mess. Little decisions, one step at a time, is easing some of the burden from my shoulders and I can feel myself settling in. Either I'm starting to dig out and see the light or I've finally been broken and am just numb. Either way, better.
5. The baby is full on walking now. But the only way he knows how to stop is to fall....face first. It's hysterical y'all. I'm trying to get video but he gets all funny about the camera being out and just tries to eat it.
6. I had a whole thing here about that Hatfield and McCoy special on History but either the codeine has really gone to my brain or blogger's being a little bitch finnicky and won't accept the code for the link. So I deleted it. But google it. I watched the special and enjoyed it very much. I'm planning to pick up a couple of books on it to educate myself a little bit before I watch it again. But it was definitely good enough to sit through the 5ish hours again!
7. The idea that I have any time or brain power to read is really laughable but I keep bringing home books from the library. I wonder if I'm becoming a book hoarder. Of books that I don't own. That would be weird right?

So to sum up, codeine, sick, weight loss, Whitey Bulger, Smoosh's walking, Hatfields and McCoys and book hoarding. Nope, even without the cough medicine/dumb I wouldn't have been able to put that into a coherent entry. You're welcome, Readers!

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