Sunday, November 4, 2012


I'm getting a makeover. I mean, obviously, my whole life is basically one big makeover at this point, what with the divorce and going back to school and the new love and all.

But, I'm also getting a physical makeover. A brief history of my hair, body, etc. I've always been chunky but in the course of divorce, stress and anxiety I've lost 70lbs. As a baby, I had strawberry blonde hair and giant dark blue eyes. As a young tomboy-ish girl, I had long dark brown hair with giant dark blue eyes. As a tween, I had very long blonde hair with giant dark blue eyes. All of these color changes were natural. Then, I hit my teenage years and my quirky personality started to make itself painfully, crankily known. Ohhhh I went the gamut of colors, cuts, etc as a teenager. I had long hair and short hair and long hair that was shaved underneath. I had green hair and blonde hair with blue streaks and every color of red you can imagine. Red stuck with me and I continued to color it that all through my twenties and thus far into my thirties. In my 20's, I again had a few different cuts but most were variations on a wispy bang with at least shoulder length hair. A couple of times I flirted with layers and shorter hair but generally the same hair. The ex had some definite opinions on cuts and colors and I don't think I got to properly explore my quirk-itude (it's a word, I made it up, you can use it). In my 30's, well I've always been some variation of auburn (light or dark) and until I got pregnant with Joshua I've grown my hair very long. When I got pregnant with Joshua I had been told the year before I couldn't have more kids. I simply thought I had a month-long case of the flu and suddenly my long, gorgeous, gets-tangled-in-my-belt-hair was too much to care for. I had it cut off, sent roughly 18" to locks of love and then would cry every time I walked by the mirror because I was hormonal, pregnant and generally batcrap crazy because I missed my long hair. I started growing it back out after the temporary insanity of cutting it was over, and aside from venturing into Zooey Deschanel bangs, I've kept basically the same hair since.

So, with my new-found-freedom, I've decided to do some exploring. I'm going to keep the long hair because, frankly, I love it more than is probably healthy. I tried some darker, more purpley colors. I let the Zooey bangs grow out. And now, well now, I'm taking quite a leap. I've got a dear friend who's a cosmetology student and she's been dying to get her hands on my hair, beyond the trim I let her do. So we're going to keep the length (despite my years of "box-coloring" my hair and all the stress, my hair is remarkably healthy so I'll only need to lose maybe an inch of split ends) and introduce some long layers. We may go back to the wispy bang or the Zooey bang or we may just let them grow. But the big change is the color. THIS is the look we're going for. It won't come out exactly like that of course, as everyone's head of hair is different. I love it, dearly. It's so funky, so quirky. Just right for the girl who rocks pink funky glasses, jeans and pink chucks with a t-shirt that says "I put the cute in execute" and a pair of diamond earrings. Just right for a girl finding her way in a new life. Just right for a girl who says things like "what's shakin' bacon?" and "okey dokey artichokey". Just right for me.


  1. I like this new adventuresome you! Please let her out more! With awesome red hair!

  2. Thanks Marianne! For this and all your commentary, it's nice to have friends all over the place. I'll put some pictures up of the "process". Right now it's blonde and today we'll put fire-engine-red in it and cut it. Then high/low lights next week. EEEK it's so fun!

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  4. I love the hair! I have been sporting red for a few months now and I do love it because it is fun. Best of luck to you in everything.


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