Tuesday, November 27, 2012

I love you more

"I love you more" Mr. Wonderful will say to me on occasion. In that precise moment, I'm sure he means it and in that moment I believe him too. See, I think there are moments in every relationship where one person loves the other "more". I don't think it's anything nefarious or unkind, I just think that occasionally your love for another person will suddenly flare up and flash like adding fuel to a fire. For instance, Mr. Wonderful loves me "more" when I abruptly giggle for no reason or when I get all feisty and sassy and rant-y about politics. I, in turn, love him more when he helps Stomp with his math homework or when he tells me that he believes in me and believes in my writing. He loves when I passionately tell him about what I'm reading and I love when he tells me that he only treats me like a Princess because I am one.

So, does he love me more? Sometimes. But sometimes I win love him more too.

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