Wednesday, November 28, 2012

A laugh is a smile that bursts

I believe that traditions are an important and valuable part of a child's life. From big traditions like our family's Thanksgiving tradition to small traditions like having a great big brunch on the weekends, I believe traditions help a child connect to something larger than their own individual self and their somewhat small little world.

One silly tradition we have involves our trips to the doctor's office. When Stomp was little, I'd point to his face in the mirror at the doctor's and sing "how much is that baby in the window? The one with the waggly tail? How much is that baby in the window, I hope that baby is for sale**". Then I'd wiggle and waggle him so his hiney shook. Joshua, now, loves this little tradition so much that when I start to sing it, he erupts in hysterical giggles before I've even gotten very far into the song. I like to think it takes the sting off what can be a miserable event. And besides, everyone knows baby giggles cure everything.

**I'm fully aware that's not how the song actually goes**

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