Thursday, December 6, 2012

We're all we've got on this bouncing ball..

So we've discussed at length Joshua's love for Five For Fighting and, in particular, The Riddle. Well I love that song because to me it's about children and the wonderment of their questions, etc. I sing that song to both Joshua and Nathan every chance I can. The lyrics are perfect from a mother to a child and I hope someday to dance at both boys' weddings to this song. So I'm getting 2 new tattoos as soon as I can afford them (I already have 3, all marine-animal related...I wanted to be a marine biologist.....who lived in Albuquerque. It made no sense to nobody, don't worry.). One of them is something Mr. Wonderful says to me every single day that provides me so much comfort. It's simple, but it soothes me and reminds me I'm not alone. It will go on the back of my left wrist and say simply "me and you". The other will honor my boys and this song and how much this song makes me think of them. It will go on the right wrist and say simply, "You and I". I love how the two sort of play off each other and I love how simple they are and how much they honor the uncondition mother/son love and how much they honor the romance of my love for Mr. Wonderful. I'm excited about them. For those who haven't seen the "written" wrist tattoo, it'll look similar to this. What do y'all think? Do you have tattoos? Do you think tattoos like that, to honor children and true love, are cheesy? I think it's sweeter and less creepy than getting someone's name tattooed and I think it honors the spirit of both relationships more. I love it. Can't wait to get it done. Sometimes Mr. Wonderful teases me with, "You really are just a little freak aren't you?" Yes, darlin, I am.

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  1. I think that tattoos should be all about you and no one else. It is such a personal expression. My best friend used to draw pineapples at the end of his letters. He passed in 98 & I will have that tattooed on my wrist. If those tattoos make you happy, then go for it.


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