Monday, December 3, 2012

Until my last day

"Forever?" he asks, with just a touch of fear in his voice.
"Forever." she says firmly, her own voice shaking not with uncertainty but with emotion.
She wonders where his insecurity is coming from. Usually she's the one with a million questions and requests for reassurance. She knows she's undoing the damage of a relationship that left wounds so deep, she can't even find them all. He's so careful with her own damaged heart, she wants to put his mind at ease and give him peace once and for all.
"Forever", she says with more intensity.
"Yeah?", he asks, the emotion of the moment clear in the tremble of his voice.
She thinks over all the months they've spent getting to know each other. She thinks of laughter and tears shared. She thinks of long moments spent sharing soft kisses and tender touches. She thinks of unbridled passion and the intensity of her love for him. She wants to honor their history and the hope of their future.
"Forever." she insists.
"Forever." he declares, with stubborn certainty.
She knows that she will love him with every breath she takes until the end of time. She will delight in his touch every time he touches her. She will cherish every time he tells her of his undying devotion. She will love him, forever.


  1. Work it through, girlfriend. Writing is the best form of therapy. Well...besides chocolate.

  2. I'm definitely working through some major stuff with the writing. But I like being able to write the sweeter stuff about Mr. Wonderful too.


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