Sunday, December 2, 2012

Pretty as a peach, tough as a boot

I appear, at long last, to have found the secret to weight loss. Today, for the first time in years, I put on a pair of pants that are not plus-sized. And I didn't have to hold my breath and lay down on the bed to zip 'em up either!

No, really, I lost a lot of weight when the shinola started to hit the fan. A LOT of weight. Then I started running again and doing weight watchers and now I've lost even more weight. I feel good and I look great. Oh I'm never going to be super-model skinny and I wouldn't want to be even if I could. I love my hips, love the little curve of my hiney (as does Mr. Wonderful). But I feel healthy and happy and dammit, just a little bit proud.

In closing, a cute Joshie moment. He was sitting in my lap today and he touched my nose. I smiled and said "nose, Joshie, NOSE". He said "pretty. It's good mama, pretty". Sweet boy, Mama almost cried.

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