Saturday, January 19, 2013

A whisper of a name


It's the word she uses to describe this. This pounding of her heart in her veins. This blurring of her vision. This shaking of her hands. The tremble in her voice.

Yes, that was it, breathless.

The way the world spun out of control. The way time melted away. The way no one existed but them. The way problems and worries and tension and trauma were washed away like teardrops in the rain.

No need for air, with a heart like this.

The heart that pounds out of her chest. The heart that whispers "I love you" with every beat in her chest. The heart that is fragile and scarred but safe and forever his now.

She draws in a shaky breath, anyway, just so she can exhale a breathy whisper of his name.

Each breath she takes from here on out belongs to him. Each breath she takes is a flash of memory of one detail of their love story. Each breath carries with it the sound of his name. Each breath is shallow, though their love is deep.



  1. That's how I would describe new love, and hopefully, long-term love, too (if one is truly blessed). Love, Mama

  2. You have a wonderful way with words. Love ya, Eri! :-)


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