Monday, May 20, 2013

A stoic mind

Well, in trying to get things back to normal around here, I think we'll kick off this Musical Monday with me and Joshie's favorite Mum-erd song right now. I *adore* this song in ways that are unhealthy. The sorrow and pain in it is practically touchable. It's the sorrow in Marcus' mournful wail. It's the reminder that in my marriage The Viking was a stoic mind and I was a bleeding heart. It's the reminder that he too had a bleeding heart, underneath, that I probably never saw. It's in the imagery of a man following the light of his love wherever it may lead him. It is haunting and captivating. I could listen to Marcus sing it for hours. I don't because I never have hours to myself, but if I ever have to have a job I hope it's stalking keeping a close eye on Marcus for all hours of the day...or at least one that lets me plug Sigh No More or Babel into the MP3 player and get my work on. When I sing this song to Joshua, with or without Marcus' accompaniment, he becomes completely still, curls himself up, sticks one thumb in his mouth and uses his other hand to softly knead my clothes (yes, much like a cat...he softly opens and clothes his fists in your clothing when he's 100% relaxed), he presses his cheek to mine and sways, or gazes deep into my eyes. In this household, we survive by the mantra of Keep Calm and Listen to Mumford & Sons. So, I give you the acoustic version of "Reminder". I hope it moves you the way it moves us.

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